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                 OUR CHURCH

Isleworth Pentecostal Church is a church affiliated with the Assemblies of God of Great Britain. Our congregation comprises of people from various cultures and backgrounds who share a common faith and love for God and our Lord Jesus Christ.



  • Proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in Isleworth and make disciples through the transforming power of the cross.

  • Benefit the community through acts of service.

  • Bring healing to those who are sick through the power of the Holy Spirit.


  • To build a church that is God centered that encourages people to be disciples that reach out to others.


  • To engage in regular street evangelism.

  • Regular events to invite people.

  • Pray regularly for the people of Isleworth

  • Hold discipleship classes

















The church is lead by Pastor John Watson. He is married to Shakun and they have one son Aaron.

John is a graduate of Mattersey Bible College and has been in the pastoral role since 2002. Apart from pastoral work John has a desire to reach the lost and has made many trips to India where he met his wife. Serbia has also been visited. A firm believer in the baptism of the Holy Spirit John moves in a prophetic gifting and has also seen God heal through the laying on of hands.

John.s ministry also takes him onto the street to preach the gospel every Saturday

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